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Do you have damage to your roof? Are you missing shingles? Often times we wait until there’s a problem with our roof before doing anything about it and damage has already been done. If you have shingles missing that is an obvious problem, but until your roof is inspected you could have more extensive damage that can’t be seen from the ground. In this case, you need to have a professional check it out. Our team is trained to spot hail & wind damage, granule loss, bubbling, and lifting. Give yourself the peace of mind by having your home checked today, and take advantage of our free inspection and estimate service.


Gutters are usually overlooked, but they are an intricate defense mechanism in protecting your home. Water is essential to us, but it can ruin a house if not redirected. Have you noticed water damage to your fascia & soffit? This can be, and usually is, a result of poor gutters or no gutters at all. Water that is allowed to fall straight down from the roof line and left to settle can cause foundation issues. There are many options out on the market today that can fulfill your gutter needs. When you are having your roof inspected by one of our trained project managers they can also inspect your gutters. Perhaps they need to be replaced or maybe just repaired, either way we can help.


Siding can enhance the look of your home and even increase the value of your home. Perhaps you have siding that has been damaged in a storm and needs to be repaired or replaced. Our team of professionals can inspect your siding and help you determine the best course of action to take. Is your siding out of date? Can it be matched and replaced? We have tools in place and access to one of the best labs that can actually test and research whether your siding can be matched or even if it is still being manufactured. Siding has come a long way and it comes in all types of colors and textures now. Call us today and we can help you with your siding needs.


Did you know that improper attic ventilation can ruin your roof and even increase your energy costs? If a roof is not vented properly, the trapped heat and moisture can cause bubbling and lifting of shingles, and over time it can actually cause your decking to deteriorate, becoming porous and spongy. Proper attic ventilation extends the life of a roof and reduces problems because it minimizes the difference between the temperature in the attic and the air outside. We can help you decide what type of ventilation best suits your homes needs. Call us today and we can offer our expert opinion and advice.